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Shattered Expectations

This poem is inspired by my naive thinking that moving to another country would magically make everything okay. Unfortunately, the grass was definitely not greener on the other side.
Sitting in a cafe,
Sipping my coffee,
I came to the realization,
That all my expectations,
Were shattered,
I finally rose above,
The illusion I was under.
I though moving countries,
Would be easy,
I though my new job,
Would be fun,
I though flatting,
Would be exciting,
I thought making friends,
Would be the easiest of all.
Like a mirror falling on a marble floor,
And shattering into a million pieces,
My expectations, my fantasies,
All broke,
And I was left with the revelation that,
Moving countries was not,
Going to solve anything. 
My loneliness still followed me like a shadow,
My shyness was still weighing me down,
My confidence was still at an all time low. 
My coffee's gone cold,
It's the final call to board the flight,
To the city that shattered my expectations,
To the city that made me realize that, 
Life is never an easy path...

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