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Racism at UK Universities
Meera's latest 'MK on the Mic' podcast episode.
Meera Kumar
Founder of MK on the Mic
United Kingdom
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On this episode of MK on the Mic, I am talking about racism at UK universities. The Guardian recently put out a survey asking people to send in their experiences, which encouraged me to address the topic on this podcast. 

Topics include:

- A Yellowface party that was thrown by white students at The University of Edinburgh
- How Yellowface dehumanises East Asian students
- Cultural appropriation and blackfishing
- Edifess and racist posts 
- A secret eugenics conference at University College London, with known white supremacist speakers, with contributions from a researcher who has previously advocated child rape
- The white nationalist, Peter Cytanovic, who was accepted into The London School of Economics
…and more!

Guardian survey:…uk-universities

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Created By
Meera Kumar
Founder of MK on the Mic
United Kingdom
I'm studying Chinese and Economics at university but I hope to work as a radio presente...
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