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Kandapadi Kaadhali, Composer Vinod Krishnan’s New Single, Celebrates Unconditional Love
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Vinod Krishnan
Independent Artist, Composer, Singer, Music Producer
United States
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Hi Everyone!

I'm Vinod - an independent artist, composer, and educator. My new single “Kandapadi Kaadhali” is out on May 8, 2020, on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and other major platforms. It inspires you to tumble into love unexpectedly, to cherish love as it is, and enjoy the ride with every passing second. 

Kandapadi Kaadhali talks to those in love and inspires them to cherish that beautiful part of life. Inspired by my love for A.R Rahman’s melodies like Rehna Tu (Delhi 6) and Nenje Ezhu (Maryan), to name a few, the yearning love song also took a hint of R&B experimentation. I adore the seamless chord progressions and a refreshing choice of sounds in ARR hits, which inspired the approach to this song. I've such strong passion to connect with the sound, arrangement, and emotion in all his productions.

This song let me step out of my comfort zone and play with R&B. It’s liberating how you can be absolutely rooted in timeless cultural values, and yet be globally relevant and enterprising, and to be all of this needn’t be conflicting. Growing up with ARR’s music, genres no longer seemed mutually exclusive. I felt one needn’t have to pick just one particular genre all the time.

The lyrics of the song express the charm of loving on a profound level - describing the moments of loving someone with every blink, every movement of the eye, and every breath.  Every project, every vision I want to accomplish, every lyric I write, I want it to be relevant, inspiring, disruptive, and refreshing. The Tamizh lyrics set you in deep thought on cherishing pure unconditional love. Expressing my culturally-rooted talent, with experimental ‘rhythm and blues’ details, I embraced the influence my life had on me and the experiences I had as a musician, as a Chennai-ite, and as a human being. 

Please listen to the track and share your thoughts. Where can you reach me?

Spotify // Facebook // YouTube // Instagram

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Vinod Krishnan
Independent Artist, Composer, Singer, Music Producer | Vinod Krishnan
United States
Vinod Krishnan is a singer, composer, music producer, and educator. He is the Creative ...
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