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Published: | Canada

IBC is Bringing 1,000 Independent Tamil Artists to the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto

IBC Thamizha Toronto 2019 will host over 1,000 artists for one night at Scotiabank Arena on June 29, 2019.

IBC Tamil is the largest Tamil media company in the world. With operations in over three continents, garnering over 50 million unique daily views across their various platforms, IBC Tamil has an unparalleled reach into the global Tamil community. It started with humble beginnings in 1997 with IBC Tamil radio in London, United Kingdom. The company was later acquired by one of the founders of Lebara, Baskaran Kandiah in 2014. It has now grown into providing news and entertainment on several leading websites, multiple monthly newspapers, five full fledged television channels and several radio stations worldwide.

Baskaran Kandiah, the Chairman and visionary of IBC Tamil is now expanding into the Canadian market with a team led by Theeban Rajendram, a serial entrepreneur with experience in the technology and media sectors. His impressive team of professionals are excited to bring together one of the largest events in Tamil Canadian history.

TC had a chance to speak to the Canadian organizers to learn more about IBC's expansion into Canada and their upcoming show. Check it out!

Why the need for IBC in Canada? And what's your goal with the upcoming show itself?

IBC Tamil has always aimed to unite the voice of all Tamils from the island of Sri Lanka. Our unique history and perspective can be easily lost when we have no state to push our interests. IBC Tamil aims to fill that void and really share our unique story and connect Eelam Tamils worldwide. Our highly anticipated annual event, IBC Thamizha was created with the vision of creating a platform for our own Eelam Tamil artists and promote our own talent internationally. IBC Thamizha has been able to do this with great fan-fare and many have used this stage to enhance their artistic abilities in a variety of ways.

How are you setting yourself apart from other traditional Tamil media in the country?

IBC Tamil has an impressively large global reach unparalleled by other Tamil media with operations in three continents. Being able to leverage resources internationally and have a close pulse of the global Tamil diaspora ensures two things. First, we are sharing the stories that matter to the community, stories that continue to shape the Tamil identity globally. Secondly, our reach enables us to create unique content for our viewership that enables emerging talent a platform to showcase their talent.

What can attendees expect from the show on June 29th?

We are so proud that IBC Thamizha will be taking place in North America for the very first time and in Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. This is the same stage used by today’s biggest stars and now for one night, used by the very brightest and most talented Canadian Tamil artists. IBC Thamizha Toronto 2019 will host over 1,000 artists for one night at Scotiabank Arena, this is historic not only for IBC Tamil but for Tamils worldwide.

Attendees can expect four hours of non-stop entertainment. Our production teams in Canada, Europe and India have timed everything down to the second. With over 1,000 artists you can only imagine the variety of performances to expect. The talent is a wide cross-section of the arts and we are excited to showcase all of this at such a historic venue.

Who are some of the artists that the show will feature?

We have confirmed over 1,200 artists from dancers, singers, comedians, actors and visual artists. Over 1,200 are local Canadian Tamil artists along with over 60 European headliners who have performed at all our IBC Thamizha’s in the past.


Check out IBC on Instagram to keep up to date!

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