How I Survived Sexual Abuse And Found Hope
I'm Amirna Shelton, a British born Tamil, living in the UK. This is my story of finding hope and empowerment after being a victim of sexual abuse.
Amirna Shelton
teacher, travel coach, artist, author, content creator
london, United Kingdom
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I faced many emotional challenges resulting from being let down by people whom I had looked up to and had placed trust in- the same people who turned out to be the monsters in my life. Despite the negativity, fear and loss of hope, I decided to make a change in my life by writing a book which shares three stories about three different men who changed my life drastically. By openly discussing my experiences, I hope to inspire all women who may be going through a similar situation, but unable to speak their truth. My book aims to celebrate the strength and resiliency of women. From being completely broken to transforming my own life, expressing myself in this book has allowed me to embark on a new transformational journey.

"Behind every smile, there is a story...this is my story... a story that changed my life"... 

And that's how it all started. Stories I have buried, secrets I have hidden and the mask I put on for fifteen years of my life, to keep myself locked, shut down while fighting all sorts of emotions within me. WHY? Because of the lack of trust, fear, and most importantly because of the way our Tamil community thinks of sexual harassment and abuse as an act of shame. An act of shame, for the victim who stands up for her rights - that's how we are expected to behave and hide the truth. I believe this taboo topic has caused many people to crumble emotionally, mentally, and physically and has destroyed many individuals, at worst leading to suicidal thoughts and even causing death. 

Whilst growing up, I faced many challenges that made me lose hope, lose hope of everything in life. It took me long years to unravel the dark side and to embrace my life. I soon realised I was destroying my life and happiness because of the darkness which I didn’t portray to the outside world. Expressing my positive and joyful persona to the world, but crumbling inside when left alone was not healthy for my lifestyle and for my future self. Although, I had great support from my husband, sisters, and friends, my lack of confidence, strength, and inner peace was not there. There was this huge piece of the puzzle missing from my life. 'What was it?'

The Voice...

There was something more I had to do in life, even more than releasing my pain, sorrow, and healing myself. There was definitely something more, I was absolutely sure of it. I had months and years of thinking and I finally knew what it was. I wanted to be ‘the voice'. The voice for many innocent and vulnerable girls who are trapped like me and to spread awareness to the society we live in. I wanted to sprinkle hope and magic to show how being a woman is truly a gift and the most powerful identity we have. I wanted to show how there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that you are your true happiness and joy.


This beautiful year, I had a stroke of hope and stepped out of my comfort zone, accomplishing goals I would have never imagined possible. Everything I thought I lost soon changed and the spark of magic and faith in myself led me to write my book 'HOPE'. Hope exposes three of my personal life-changing experiences of sexual harassment and how it affected my childhood - very much causing me all sorts of trauma over many years. I not only share my personal stories, but I embrace the beauty of womanhood and how we women are the strongest and most powerful creatures living on Earth. 


Read HOPE to find out more about my stories and how the horrible monsters were actually people who were closer to me than you might think. Moreover, about how I fought my fear and learned to love all of my emotions by taking transformational sessions with my coach Dr.Raji. But most importantly, I express the true purpose of life and how I am learning and educating myself every day to accept and love myself. To feel divine, to feel powerful, and to live like a goddess.  

’A drop of hope can change your life, follow your heart and intuition’ ...

You can buy my book here.

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Amirna Shelton
teacher, travel coach, artist, author, content creator
london,  United Kingdom
A British born, Tamil women speaking about sexual harassment, child abuse, and women em...
A British born, Tamil women speaking about sexual harassment, child abuse, and women em...
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