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As most entrepreneurs would know, growth is not possible without some setbacks.  I grew up in a highly orthodox family, where I had to fight for every privilege.


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Since I was a young girl, I have excelled as a student. However, I never found the subjects  that I was learning fulfilling enough. As much as my parents wanted me to become a doctor, I just could not wrap my head around this career because Science was not my strongest subject in high school. I tried year after year to be the shining star in my family.  No matter how hard I tried, I failed at almost all of my attempts, leading my family to presume that I was just a rebellious child.


My parents failed to acknowledge that I was simply a teen trying to find her way. I changed my programs in university several times, finally graduating with a BCOM and BHRM Degree. I used my work experience, combined with my degree to excel in a career in sales. While I was very successful working in sales, I did not love my job nearly as much as I was good at it. I believe that my success in sales was due to my love for people and working with people. I am naturally a super energetic soul and I felt that I was neglecting this part of me with my 9-5 executive level positions. No matter how successful I was in my roles at work, or how large my bank account was, I did not feel fulfilled.




I knew my life was supposed to have a different purpose but I simply had to find it. Slowly, I broke out of my cage and started doing what I wanted to do. I chose things for myself and not for anyone else. This is when I started to see progress in my growth, by which I mean self-development. I started to slowly become content with myself. I learned that no one can make me happy, but myself. It took me a while to figure out what was missing in order to help me feel satisfied with my life. I knew it had something to do with my desire to be involved in bringing other people's happiness to fruition. I loved talking to people, I loved helping people, and I loved everything that involved creativity and art. Aside from that, I was always looking for creative projects to do, whether it was choreographing for school dances, decorating my house, or simply coloring. I just didn’t know that wedding planning would be the food to my soul at the time. I also had a very active mind growing up filled with so many different ideas that I wasn’t sure what to do with because I was required to focus on other priorities such as school and work.


It all started in the summer of 2016, when I began planning my own wedding.  This experience led me to pursue a profession in wedding planning. Having planned my own wedding, I was familiar with the difficulties in managing and organizing an event while simultaneously juggling the family drama that came with it. It was almost impossible to do both. Somehow, I successfully completed my wedding and wedding reception given the short time span of five months. I had also done a few events for family and friends in the past which received a great deal of praise upon completion.  This is why my friends always encouraged me to pursue event planning professionally. Nevertheless, it was not until my own wedding that I realized that having a Wedding Planner was an essential part of a wedding. This got me thinking- If I couldn't find a job that I really enjoyed without having to dread getting up to go to work, why not create one? So, I created an opportunity for myself where there was a need in the community. That is the moment that I applied for my business license to bring Belle Creations to existence.


One thing I wish my teachers and parents made more clear in my life was to teach me what the meaning of passion and true happiness is. I wish they taught me how to follow my dreams, not only to pursue a career that will help me sustain a standard of living. Truly, life isn’t always about the money.  It is the little sparks of passion in life that move us. This is probably the most important life lesson I have learned. I have surpassed numerous trials and errors and for this, I am truly blessed to have gone through this experience. It has shaped me as a person, it has shaped my mentality, and most importantly, it has shaped my vision.


I then started to carry out my plan. With a lot of encouragement from friends, the idea rooted itself deeper in my heart. I was excited to start this new venture. I was inspired to believe in creating a life that I loved, to create happy and exciting moments for others to live on forever with. I found a place for my passion. I became a part of the whole wedding through emotions and labor. Yes, you do most often work long hours, in fact you never stop working when you work in a field your passionate about. However, I didn’t mind it. I loved what I did because I loved what I did for others. I helped put a smile on the faces of couples and their families. This is the moment when I found out my motivation in life. Now I found a place for my energy. I get excited when I get an opportunity to help another new family. As a Wedding Planner, I get the best of both worlds. Not only do I get to use my sense of creativity towards helping couples create unique and lavish weddings, but I also become their personal therapist. I have always wanted to make a difference in peoples lives and Belle Creations Weddings & Events made that happen for me.


I feel that my services as a Wedding Planner involve far more than just helping you find vendors.  Over time, I will become your companion in need- no joke! I will go above and beyond for my couples and their families. To me, wedding planning is not just a job because it is my passion to help people. I will assist you in writing your speeches, designing your wedding, and even have my phone readily available with open ears for any of your on-demand needs. I will be your confidant throughout the process. I work with all budgets and requests and I never like to say no to anyone’s dream because  I want to make your dream my priority. All you need to do is tell me your vision and I will plan, coordinate, and execute your wedding.  I use my expertise and passion in personalized designing to create vivid images and turn them into reality.  Not only will I give you your dream wedding, but I will give you back your time to spend with your loved ones leading up to your big day. You will truly be treated like the guest of honour on your special day.  If you give me your trust, I will give you my full attention. My job at the end of the day is to give you a stress-free,  worry-free celebration.


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 7.34.44 PMOne of my special services is to also help execute your proposal day -  the moment that your significant other says YES to spending the rest of their life with you. You may have the woman of your dreams, the ring of her choice, but do you have a proposal that will leave her astonished and breathless? I work together with the groom-to-be or even the bride-to-be to create a story that will be carried generation after generation. With romance, thoughtful creativity, and personalization, I will execute you a unique proposal that is made just for the two of you.



As my final thoughts, my advice to anyone that wants to start something new or pursue something outside the norm, is to ‘just do it’. There is no other way. If this is what is going to keep you happy, then this is what you need to do. Stop questioning and prolonging your dreams. If you fail once, try again. I believe that if you try hard enough and long enough you will get there. Business and life work in similar ways. You need to be persistent and consistent in your efforts in order to achieve and maintain what you want to have. The question is how bad do you want it?


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No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it. Always think positively and keep moving. You may have supporters at first and you may not. Don't get hung up on this detail. All that matters is you find happiness in the work you do. You will be doing it for a long time, so why not do something you enjoy. I feel this is crucial to live a content life. Yes, it is challenging to drop your full-time job and pursue your own brand. At first, it is mentally and financially. You will have to put in money you may not have, and you will have to put in time and effort like never before. That is the only way you will find out if this is for you. Another piece of advice is if you have the means to spend money, spend it on your marketing tools. Market your brand because marketing is vital to a successful business. This is what is going to get you exposed to the market. The market needs to know you exist before they can choose you.





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