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British Tamil Students Build War-Torn Mullaitivu's First Media Centre
UKTSU’S Media Centre in Mullaitivu-Enriching education by bridging the technological gap.
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UKTSU (United Kingdom's Tamil Students Union) is proud to announce the grand opening of UKTSU’s media centre on 29th January 2019 at Kumulamunai Mahavidyalayam school, Mullaitivu.

Our media centre lies at the heart of Kumulamunai Mahavidyalayam school, equipped with 25 computers, wireless internet, 2 printers,1 interactive whiteboard, computer desks and chairs.This was especially built for the 525 students, aged between 11-18, to assist them with their education and enrich their IT skills.

Mullaitivu was one of the many areas devastated by the civil war in 2009, the aftermath of which is still present. Many of the children of Mullaitivu have been directly affected, with their families displaced, losing their parents and homes destroyed. The region has also become isolated due to transport problems, forcing the children to undertake a strenuous journey to school by foot every day for countless miles.

In 2014, UKTSU had the privilege to meet with the children of Kumulamunai Mahavidyalayam and become acquainted with their dreams and future aspirations.

Many desired to become musicians, doctors and teachers. In this digital age, where a tremendous amount of time is spent on the web; educating, connecting and streaming. Some students in Sri Lanka, are forced to change career aspirations due to the lack of IT facilities at their school.

UKTSU had a vision, a vision of a media centre to bridge the technological gap in education of children in Mullaitivu to enable them to compete with their peers on a national level.

Numerous donations and fundraising events have been pivotal in executing this project. Including Western Thaalam Decennium 2016, Lake District Hike 2016, UKTSU Gala 2016 and Namma Oor Run 2017. We fund-raised £25,000 overall, £17,000 of which facilitated towards the construction of the infrastructure and £8,000 of which to supply the required IT equipment and resources.

Our vision which sprouted back in 2014 has now transformed into a magnificent media centre, integral for the children to prosper and blossom into their potential.

UKTSU would like to thank everyone who have supported us in this journey and contributed to make the dreams of the children of Mullaitivu a reality.

Volunteers will now be given the opportunity to get involved and interact with the children at our Media centre to support them in their education. Get involved and transfer your skills to the next generation.


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United Kingdom
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