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Breathing Space

The body my immigrant parents may never understand

*The article below is an excerpt from the original article that was published on Medium.com.  The link for the full article can be found at the bottom of this blurb.  

*The original author of this piece is Mary Anne Mohanraj.


The news broke with a phone call from England. A distant relative, calling my Sri Lankan American immigrant parents in Connecticut and asking them, “Do you know what your daughter is putting on the internet?”

They said, “What’s the internet?”

It was 1991; the World Wide Web didn’t exist yet. My computer-savvy boyfriend had gotten me online. I spent much of sophomore year writing erotica, smutty and explicit, and I was posting to newsgroups—text-based forums that let me talk to people all over the world. I signed my own name to arranged-marriage wedding-night tales and raunchy stories like “American Airlines Cockpit.”

They called me in Chicago. My mother was so furious that she alternated between screaming at me and not speaking. My father said, “You have to take it down. Take it all down, immediately. Take my name off it.”

Read the rest of Mary Anne Mohanraj's original article on Medium.com here.


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