As COVID Curfews are Slowly Being Lifted, the Next Challenge Begins…..
“We rely on the rainy season – we miss one season and it can take years to come back from that” – farmer we work with.
Abarna Raj
Founding Director
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With you support, we were able to feed the hungry during COVID Curfews, now, we need your help to ensure families can restart their livelihoods.

If you can, please Help –

It’s her and her two children. Her husband left her a long time ago, just as things were getting hard. She is a farmer, but it is tough. She doesn’t have a well – it is extremely expensive to build and she shares “an agro well – that is for the rich, not for me people like me”.  She relies on the one rainy season each year and the harvest that the rains bring in, which she hopes to sustain her and her children for the dry months ahead. In the dry months it is hard to get labour work anywhere, and with her young children, it is even harder for her to move around and work these long days in the field. 

When COVID hit, she was unable to move around. It became difficult to feed her children, but she shares “All I was thinking about was my harvest – would the buyers come?”. They didn’t. She sold her harvest for a fraction of the cost last month and had to dump the remaining crops. “As we start to come up, we fall back down”. She looks into the distant, almost remembering the many times that she has been here before – the poverty cycle as we call it. 

Why? Because without that income from that rainy season, she has no working capital for her next harvest, no spare income to feed her children. She must find work  - and her children, well, she will have to find a way. 

What strikes me is that no tears well in her eyes – this is a matter of survival, but there is no sadness. She eyes are strong – she has been to the bottom and back so many times, that she almost expects life to continue that way. That for me is the saddest of all – when there is no expectation of any other life. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Through your support, we can ensure that she can restart her livelihood – that she can access a living income for her children. 

Through a generous sponsor who has agreed to match every dollar up to $25,000k , your dollar can make an even bigger difference. 

We know many are doing it tough, but if you can give, this is the time. 

· $32 into $64, which will provide 5 families with home gardens so they can feed their families.

· $58 into $168, which will fund 10 women to engage with local village banks to access loans and re-build their savings 

·  $120 into $240, which will provide 30 families with seeds to restart their farms

· $310 into $620, which will fund 30 families with technical services to double their yields – critical to regain income lost during COVID curfews. 

For those in Australia, we tax time, just around the corner – the leverage is incredible. We cannot do it without you.

Abarna Raj
Founding Director | Palmera
Palmera is international not for profit organisations that promotes and develops micro-...
Palmera is international not for profit organisations that promotes and develops micro-...
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