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A Pair of Dads are Teaching Children Tamil, One Game and Story Book at a Time
From the moment I had kids, I knew I wanted to teach them Tamil. At first I tried to teach them the language in fun and interactive ways, using whatever toy, game and children’s book I could find. However, I soon found that the Tamil language learning products on the market often lacked a quality and design that would motivate my children to use them. Frustrated with the pre-existing games and books available, I partnered with a fellow engineering friend to create our own Tamil language learning products. In 2012, iPAATTI INC was born.
Kumar Sivalingam
United States
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As it is said that children are sponges when it comes to attaining language at a young age, we at iPAATTI INC have used play as a framework for learning. We believe this helps children learn faster and understand basic language concepts easier when compared to the more traditional form of teaching. With hands-on activities, children are able to explore language concepts first-hand.

We have taken pioneering efforts in crafting the optimum Tamil play and learn children’s games and story books that not only introduce children to the language, but simultaneously invite them to explore the essential subjects of science, math and nature.

In the six years that my partner and I have been in business, we have developed several Tamil language based games, children’s books and smartphone apps (the Mellinam app has 100+ Tamil children’s stories) that are used by families and Tamil language schools across the U.S., Canada and Singapore.

Our recent products include the launch of சொற்கற்கள் (a Tamil language board game), உயிர்-மெய் (a Tamil language letter game), and மின்னல் (a Tamil language hidden word game) which we are pleased to say are now available on TC Mrkt.

We have also recently rolled out a Young Tamil Author program in the U.S. with the goal of creating future children’s books from stories written by children themselves, and in future hope to launch Tamil hackathon events to expose even more children to Tamil education.

For two dads who simply wanted to teach their children their native tongue we have certainly come a long way with the creation of iPAATTI INC. However, we know we have a ways to go in achieving our ultimate goal of ensuring every Tamil child in the English speaking world has foundational Tamil language skills.

You can buy a few of our board games here as the pricing here is EXCLUSIVE to TC MRKT -


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Kumar Sivalingam
United States
Teaching the Tamil language to the young children is really a challenging task with oth...
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