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5 Books to Keep You Occupied During Quarantine
Here are some of my book recommendations. The Seasons of Trouble was my way of finding an enticing storyline to follow to learn more about our background and it did not disappoint.
Abiran Raveenthiran
Regional Sales Manager
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1) The Seasons of Trouble By Rohini Mohan

Genre: History: War and Politics

Goodreads | Amazon

The Seasons of Trouble was my way of finding an enticing storyline to follow to learn more about our background and it did not disappoint. I found myself at the edge of my seat as I followed the true events of the main characters as they wove their multiple perspective tale of the Sri Lankan Civil War from views from those within the heat of the struggle.

2) The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell

Genre: Business & Sociology

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Gladwell has a skill of weaving different elements and stories together into an enjoyable narrative. The gist of the book is how information spreads among people -- why do some ideas/products spread quickly and effectively, but others don't? Are there kinds of people who are better at transmitting information? This is recommended for those who want to understand how an idea can spread and the people needed along the way to make it happen.

3) Born a Crime By Trevor Noah

Genre: Autobiography

Goodreads | Amazon

Trevor Noah weaves his grim tale and experiences into a beautiful narrative with comedic elements sprinkled throughout. A celebrity memoir by a mixed-race guy who was born in South Africa under apartheid doesn't sound like it would be a smart, funny, and charming pleasure to read, but it is.

4) Becoming By Michelle Obama

Genre: Self-Help

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With Becoming, Michelle gives you a glimpse into her childhood and her relationship with her parents, which definitely impacted the way she carried herself throughout her life and how she raised her two daughters. It tells of her ambitions, her desire to help make the world a better place (one clearly shared by her husband), the challenges of marriage and motherhood, and how she dealt with her husband's political ambitions. She talks of her desire to make an impact as First Lady while at the same time ensuring her daughters' lives were as "normal" as they could possibly be, and the successes, frustrations, and disappointments she experienced.

5) The Magic Portal By Ashriya Rathakrishnan

Genre: Children’s Fantasy


What better than a child to write a children's book? Ashriya weaves a tale of a fantastical world with elves, evil queens and the classic fantasy theme of good versus bad. 

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Abiran Raveenthiran
Regional Sales Manager | Omnify
Abiran Raveenthiran is a first-generation born Canadian in Toronto, Ontario whose succe...
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