‘Theri’ Screening Cancelled in Toronto-Area Cineplex Theatres After ‘Noxious Substance’ Attacks


Vijay’s latest release, ‘Theri’, has been pulled by Cineplex Theatres in the Toronto area following pepper spray-like attacks on moviegoers that occurred at three separate screenings at Scarborough Town Centre, Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, and Brampton’s Trinity Common Mall. Read the full details on Global News here.


The spokesman for the Canadian Tamil Congress released the following statement:

“I think it’s an isolated incident,” Poopalapillai said. “Whoever has done this, we want the police to go after these people. In India, there was some controversy about ticket prices where (Theri) was shown, but not over here.”



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4 thoughts on “‘Theri’ Screening Cancelled in Toronto-Area Cineplex Theatres After ‘Noxious Substance’ Attacks

  1. If you grab a third world *** and gives it free school, free education, housing,business opportunity, this is what you get. Oh.. Canada, just imagine for one moment if there was no Geneva convention, asylum etc. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. One in 65 million in Tamilnadu’s populace… Haiyooo.. Haiyoooo! Aaadu! Aaadu!

  2. Not all but the Tamil community is notorious for bringing third world behaviours. The tamil taxi driver who hopped on to uber driver few months back, credit card fraud who went bankrupt after amassing 100,000. MAN, WTF is wrong with you people? Create a positive change in the country you immigrate to. Well if only the illiterates from jaffna had gone to school, borrowed money to migrate, worked in burning heat, they would understand the difficulties of immigration and atleast be content with life. Free ya housing,flight,food allowance thandha, ipdi dan. THIMIRU…

  3. This is out rage we saw it in. Vancouver. Toronto thats so sad vijay movie must play every where

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