How A Japanese NGO’s Sari Connection Is Fashioning the Future

Sari Connection

In Sri Lanka, Sari Connection is making a powerful fashion statement through recycling for empowerment and sustainable peace.

Sari Connection is a unique fashion brand that supports women-headed households in Sri Lanka’s war affected Northern region. Launched in 2012 by the Pacific Asia Resource Center Interpeoples’ Cooperation (PARCIC) from Japan, the project involves training women to be seamstresses in Jaffna and Mullaitivu, and the upcycling of saris to create unique designs.

The saris are sourced from around the country and the recycled fashion products, carefully handcrafted with a unique blend of colours and textures, are marketed in select stores island-wide.

The proceeds are distributed back to the seamstresses who sustain themselves and their families through this supportive livelihood.

Since mid-2015 the project has served as a first step to rebuilding lives through economic empowerment for over 100 women, and their families, in post-war communities. Given the wider issues of abuse, marginalization, poverty and resultant breakdown of the psychosocial well-being of survivors, this initiative carries immense hope for fashioning a future where all individuals can realize their full potential.


One of the seamstresses, Ms.Ranjanidevi had to say:

“During the war, we displaced to Vanni and faced a lot of difficulties. I have three children, [and] my husband has been missing since 2010. My family has been suffering from unstable income after that. After joining this project, I’m stitching clothes for the sari project as well as private orders from the neighbors. With the income from stitching, I manage my family needs.”

By choosing a Sari Connection product for yourself, your home or as a gift for a loved one, you empower a marginalized family and contribute to environmental sustainability by upcycling.

Sari Connection products which bear their trademark, irreplicable designs, are carried by more than 20 vendor partners island wide. By strengthening and expanding this network, PARCIC envisions this initiative to be a bridge that will continue to connect communities through economic, social and cultural cooperation for sustainable peace and harmony.

To expand the scope of their work, and to ensure sustainability of the business, Sari Connection is currently seeking wholesale distributers, around the world. If you would be interested in learning more, please call +94711918252 or email




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