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Bringing South Asian Representation to the Video Game Industry
My goal as an indie developer is to bring South Asian representation to the video game industry by creating a game inspired by South Asian mythology
Clarence Rajaratnam
Game Developer
Sri Lanka
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For several decades, the Video Game industry has been the escape from reality for children and adults alike. From Super Mario to Master Chief, the Video Game industry is not short of mythical characters of awe inspiring abilities and creating Nerd Culture Zeitgeist. Video Games have also been a very important medium in introducing its participants to fictional, as well as real world settings. The award winning Assasins's creed continues to break ground in immersing its players in eras of Human civilization, that was before confined to dusty textbooks. So paramount was the series, that when the Cathedral in France was burned and damaged in 2019, the development team behind the game series provided support to the reconstruction efforts by allowing the team working on rebuilding the Cathedral with an immersive walkthrough of the Cathedral in the video game.

But Video Gaming, like any facet of the entertainment industry has been devoid of the representation of the myriad of cultures that span the globe. The South Asian culture, heritage and civilization is one of the oldest in Human history. Yet, its representation in one of the most inclusive forms of entertainment is still not present. The aim for the development of this Indie Game Project is to introduce the world of Gaming to the rich and amazing culture and lore of South Asia.

Created By
Clarence Rajaratnam
Game Developer | Asura games
Sri Lanka
Independent Game Developer currently working on an unreleased Action Adventure Game ins...
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