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Thuba Sothilingam
Film & TV Canada
I truly believe, everyone you meet has one epic story to tell. Likewise, here’s mine; the story of how videography chose me. Videography was my passion and something that I picked up when I was actually 3 years old. My uncle and father would make those amateur “home videos” as I was growing up. My first camera was a Sony Handycam and I shot the most amateur videos on that! For me, videography was an opportunity to capture memories with my family, explore and be more adventurous. Overall, with videography it was a chance for me to express myself imaginatively and be creative. When I was younger Windows Movie Maker was my best friend, it was my go-to tool to get any school projects done. School projects became more fun to do, as editing clips felt like more fun and less work. As time went on and “life happened”, I couldn’t find time for videography; where sadly I lost touch with my hobby. But as for everyone, my life had a turning point. My girlfriend got me a unique camera; it was a DJI Spark Drone. From then on, my hobby literally “took off”. I started with “recreational flying” which became my new hobby and sparked a light again for the interest I once had. I started editing these quick clips I had from my drone and shared it with the rest of my family and friends on my personal Instagram account. I thought of a unique way to present my quick videos and made a series called “One Minute Episodes”. With great support and recognition by my family and friends, I started a new journey where I help others bring out their own story or simply capture their treasurable moments too. I present you, “ShutterPointMedia”! Hi, my name is Thuba Sothilingam, and this is my personal episode. What’s yours?