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The Generation Project
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There is an entire generation of the diaspora that for the first time has been born and is growing up outside their traditional homeland of Tamil Eelam. One third of the Eelam Tamil population live abroad as a result of the bloodshed in the civil war. Children whose parents or grandparents fled the war have now mostly assimilated into their host nations and the number of them disconnected to the problems their countrymen and women face in Eelam and even those who cannot even speak their mothertongue are becoming increasingly common.
However, a lot of the people the creator of the page came across were interested in their origins and the reason for their parents/ grandparents displacement, but what put them off was a supposed lack of easy accesibility to this information.
Thus, a project was started to create a platform where all matter of Eelam issues and other related issues can be discussed in the hope of rekindling a deeper connection between the newer diaspora generation and their motherland, as well as discuss and implement solutions to these issues once a significant following and reach has been acquired.
Thus, the page was named "The Generation Project".
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