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Taniya Benedict
Non Profit United States
I moved to New York to co-create NABU.ORG after working as a Refugee Litigation Attorney in Melbourne, Australia.

Growing up in Melbourne, I never saw myself reflected in popular culture, especially in the books I read as a child. I am inspired by the prospect of giving young children across the world the opportunity to see themselves emulated in the stories they read.

"The significance of seeing one's reality in a storybook, should not be taken lightly. When you grow up reading in your mother-tongue, and actively seeing yourself represented in illustrations - you develop a self-confidence that is unbound and powerful. You begin to believe you are the creator of your own destiny, and this intrinsic belief ultimately leads to self-actualization".

One of the language groups in my organization's pipeline is Tamil. There are over 50 million Tamil children across the world not learning the basics of literacy due to a lack of access to representative books in their mother-tongue.

My team is working to solve for this imbalance, and to create a collection of early grade reading books in Tamil for distribution across Sri Lanka and southern India.
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