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Jerusha Mather
Victoria University PhD student Australia
My name is Jerusha. I like to think of myself as a multi-skilled, creative, and motivated professional, who has a strong passion for rehabilitation medicine and the neurosciences. I am a neuroscientist with a cause. My research focuses on non-invasive brain stimulation, strength training, and neural plasticity and how these concepts can help improve the lives of individuals with cerebral palsy. I am undertaking PhD studies in these areas. I am also a disability advocate particularly for students with an interest in STEM fields. I use my story, unique insights, and voice to advocate for issues I care about. You can google me to learn more about my journey, haha. I also love to sing in the shower (hehe), write poems at night (check out @jerushamather on instagram !!!), traveling to new places, and exploring stuff. I am a bit of an extroverted introvert (with a warm and fuzzy personality). Also, I love saying my prayers. One day when and if we meet, you will see. ;-) I am open to anything that life throws.
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