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Are You Tamil?
Soodesh Cho...
Aug 25
Top Creators
Born in Sri Lanka and raised in India, Oman and Canada, Kumaran Nadesan is a public ser...
Nirvani Pillay
I am a fourth generation South African with Tamil heritage. I work as a PR manager for ...
Meera Kumar
Media & Publishing
I'm studying Chinese and Economics at university but I hope to work as a radio presente...
Vivekan Jey...
Non Profit
I am a Sri Lankan-born Canadian. I am currently working as an International Development...
Photography & Video
Growing up in the city of Toronto, I’ve always been very patriotic about my roots that ...
Born and raised in Scarborough. The weird one.
Luckshmi Ni...
Small Business
Luckshmi is the Founding CEO of The Heritage Supply Co.®, a small business committed to...
Mayu Thava
I grew up viewing real estate as true wealth. Starting in 2015, I have continuously bui...
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  • Film & TV

Learning how to make visuals from my vision