Rolex Rasathy
United States
Born and raised in New York, Rolex Rasathy (aka Rolex) is a singer-songwriter and creative visionary. Drawing her musical talent from lifelong, professional training in Carnatic music, her music is deeply expressive and heavily influenced by jazz, R&B, and hip-hop genres. Her first experimental English/Tamil EP "Vellavattai" was born out of a pivotal, life-changing experience while living and working in Sri Lanka in 2016. Since the release of the album, she has worked with prominent independent industry artists and has performed globally. She released two R&B and soul singles, "Honestly" and "I Love the Way" in 2018. Her most recent release, "Raavanan", in collaboration with rapper Navz-47 and producer Steve Cliff, has been a global hit and selected by BBC Asian Network as 'Track of the Week'. She currently lives in Queens, New York, and continues to regularly perform Carnatic music concerts. She is working on a forthcoming album to be released later this year.
Rolex Rasathy
Apr 05
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