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Mahendiran Periyasamy
Energile LLC Founder & CEO United States
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About ‘Energile’ Mahendiran Periyasamy

* Mahendiran Periyasamy, wears multiple hats as an Enterprise Evangelist, Energilist, Certified Coach in various areas of life as a Life Coach, Marathon Coach, Agile Coach, Financial Services etc., Trainer, Speaker, Writer, Anchor in Radios and TV channels.

* Mahendiran has been Inspiring individuals, teams, executives, entrepreneurs and organizations in fostering healthy and proven best practices and 'Lean thinking' culture to unleash their limitless performance by tapping into their strengths

* Mahendiran coaches and guides people to achieve their dreams, discover their purpose, and improve their relationships. He coaches who has a sincere desire to break thru their own fears and limiting beliefs to enjoy their life gifts and make the dreams a reality.

* During Mahendiran’s own journey of self-discovery, Mahendiran studied and mastered various recognized worldwide certifications with his working experience with fortune 100 companies including General Electric (GE). By combining a variety of these proven best practices and leading edges and his own strategies, Mahendiran has been enabling both him and his clients to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve a life beyond limits.

* Mahendiran has been invited regularly to speak in various Conferences, Corporates, Universities (India, USA & Malaysia Universities, etc..
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