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Gobinthiran Kulendran
Entrepreneurship Sri Lanka
I was born in Vanni, Sri Lanka, in 1997; life threw lots of challenges - changed schools 09 times, moving home 21 times, the height of the war, losing everything except for one bag. Amidst all this, I saw a computer for the 1st time in 2005 and enamored by what it can do. Someone told me about the search engine “Google” in 2009, and I started learning lots of stuff, including software design, web design, graphic design. I spent all my spare time hanging around in internet cafes.

I started doing projects locally and earning a few hundred Rupees for it. My mother and aunt pawned their jewelry and bought me my first own computer in 2011. There was a catch – there was no power in my home, so the computer was left at my aunt’s house in Vavuniya. I go there for the weekends and come home to attend school on weekdays. After some time, the power came to our village to bring the computer and kept at a neighbor’s house. They allowed me usage for one hour a day.

After my Advanced Level, I joined a software development company as an Inter UX Designer with my freelance portfolio as the entry qualification. I worked there for around 1.5 years and gained lots of industry experience. Getting more confidence, With the network from the Yarl IT Hub community, I started working with overseas clients.

In August 2019, I got a UX design project from the USA via LinkedIn. I finished it in five days without almost no sleep. The client paid about $1500. That gave me the ultimate confidence that I can service the world market using local talent. Company HUEX STUDIO was registered and currently has a team of 12 people. We have done projects for clients in 16 countries. Meanwhile, I’m studying B.Sc (Hons.) In Information Technology And Management at the University of Moratuwa.