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Leaders aren’t born, they are nurtured and developed. This is the driving force behind CFLI, which was founded in 2012. CFLI ‘s mission is to build and promote leadership and innovation amongst Tamil Canadians and other multicultural communities. It is registered as a Non-Profit organization, and is governed by the Board of Directors and an Advisory Board.

CFLI offers many programs for youth ages 10 to 18 years old throughout the year, which include YLP, YDocs, Yfinance, Yjobs, YRobotics and YRoots. Youth Leadership Program (YLP) is its primary program, which has over 450 youth enrolled and classes are held at 3 locations – Ajax, Brampton and Markham. YLP was established with the objective of developing and fostering future leaders of Canada. This innovative program provides a forum for youth to practice and hone their leadership, teamwork and communications skills through learning-by-doing and a peer support group. The YLP classes are facilitated by over 50 volunteers, professionals from various backgrounds. For further information on CFLI, please refer to
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