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Ariv (Vozhi) Adiaman
VOZHI LLC Entrepreneur United States
Arivozhi Adiaman, also known as Vozhi, is a passionate Tamil-American real estate entrepreneur, rap artist, and community activist. He is also the recipient of "425 Business Magazine, 30 under 30 award". His purpose is to build vibrant and encouraging communities, particularly around his ancestral identity, Tamil.

As a deep lover of technology, Vozhi started his professional career by getting his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 2011. The next several years, he worked technical, later managerial positions with companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Accenture, and T-Mobile.

Always wanting to become self-sufficient entrepreneur, Vozhi found his lane by founding his real estate investing and consulting company, ‘VOZHI LLC'. Over the years, Vozhi and his team have quickly been able to establish themselves in the Seattle real estate investor community as trusted agents, partners, consultants, marketers and facilitators for various real estate projects.

In addition, Vozhi continually releases quality music on all major streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Vozhi’s music is cultivated through his experiences of mixing the cultural wisdoms of his Tamil ancestral identity with his American upbringing.

Vozhi’s life mission statement is to “integrate Real Estate Investing with culture, music and technology to inspire positive change in the community." Vozhi recognizes the power of hip hop in this digital age, and successfully leverages his music to create digital and physical communities that support his mission.
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