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This is a short poem inspired by someone new in my life who isn't as sure about me as I am about him.
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It's not an easy position to be in and sometimes 'time' is the only solution that can tell if a relationship will work or fall to pieces.

Will time fix your reservations about me?

Will time give you clarity about me?

Will time give you certainty about us?

Will time clear your doubts? 


Giving you time, makes me question why I’m so certain about someone that’s not certain about me

Giving you time, makes me question your commitment towards me

Giving you time makes me question my clarity about you

Giving you time is making my judgment about you cloudy 

So should I take a chance and give you time or 

End it and save myself from a possible heartbreak

It’s not an easy choice...


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Ceylon Poet
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Creatively stringing together words to express my thoughts.
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