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Published: | Singapore

TC Events- Global Tamil Connections {Singapore}: My Entrepreneurial Journey

TamilCulture.com's Global Tamil Connections event is coming to Singapore, featuring the founder of Vaaranam Children's Books, Vanitha Tonn!

TamilCulture.com, a community platform for Tamil Creators, Thinkers and Doers, is excited to bring you an evening of knowledge-building, networking and socializing! We're excited to partner with the NTU Tamil Literacy Society to host this event.

Advance registration is required to attend. Register to attend here.

What can you expect at the event?

Enjoy a delicious cuppa at the beautiful Lowercase Cafe, in an intimate environment full of like-minded individuals and hear from the founder of Vaaranam Children's Books, Vanitha Tonn.

Vanitha will discuss the cultural inspiration behind her company, the steps she took to bring her vision to life and how she managed to attract international customers and partners for her unique Tamil children's books!

About Vanitha:

"I am originally from Singapore and have lived in Australia for the last 12 years with my husband and 2 young children. Living in a foreign country, it has always been important for me to pass on the Tamil culture and language to my children. One major challenge has been that there has been a lack of Tamil books, that were on par with English books, for little children. Hence, I decided to produce them myself."

Read: Why I Created Vaaranam Children's Books

Who would like this event?

Anyone interested in learning about how to take an idea and turn it into a successful business, while meeting like-minded professionals from the Singaporean Tamil community.

Why is the theme 'Global Tamil Connections'?

The global Tamil community is 70 million+ strong with thriving businesses worldwide. The community’s global network creates unique cross-border professional and entrepreneurial opportunities, which have become even more relevant and impactful with the progression of technology. Whether you’re selling software, real estate, clothes, content, ideas and more, tapping into the Tamil diaspora can be a critical path to success. Our goal with TC's Global Tamil Connections events is to facilitate these types of collaborations, both online and offline, around the world.

Past events: 'Global Tamil Connections' event hosted in Toronto

Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us: hello@tamilculture.com

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