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Stupid Tamil Heroine Syndrome
Last episode of T-Factory Ent's Reel Life Victims of Tamil Cinema
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The Final episode of T-Factory Ent's Reel Life Victim of Tamil Cinema is out now. Who better than our beloved Tamil Heroines as our final victim. Find out everything thats wrong with them thanks to STHS!


Created by: Thiviya
Written & Directed: Thiviya
Cinematography & Editing: Thibz Se
Music: Kirishan Suresh
Cast:  Waishnavi, Thulasiya, Bruntha, Vithusan, Anusan
Infomercial Voice: Mithula
Hair & Make up: Sharmika
Created By
Thusy Suntharam
Hey there! Just a budding filmmaker wanting to share stories with you all!
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