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Saying Yes to Life
Showing up and navigating through life during these uncertain times can be exhausting at times but resilience towards this new reality will allow you to expand from within and outward.
Prasalni N
Public Policy
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We can all agree that some parts of our lives, if not all, have changed since COVID-19 has placed its mark in our world. Businesses are at loss, government regulations are restricting us from being freely mobile for the safety of the collective, most of our lives are within the home, the uncertainity is erupting various emotions; and we may all be sitting here wondering when all this will be over.

Regardless of the circumstances we are in, it is important that we put our best efforts to saying yes to life!

During this time, resilience plays an important role in our lives (collective). As you learn to attain the ability to move forward from the changes, difficulties or obstacles in life, you can find yourself tuning inward - self growth.  When we give ourselves the opportunity to focus inward, we begin to seek more gratitude towards the simple things in life and understand how these small things can impact us in a positive manner.

This attitude of resilience and gratitude can be a tool in allowing us to continue to expand ourselves regardless of the barriers or changes that life has to offer. As human beings, we have a desire to grow from within and outward; whether it be improving our comminication skills or building a legacy of our own. We as the collective have a desire to expand, and regardless of the circumstances we are in we must continue to do so but perhaps this expansion may require a different path, value and belief system or vision than what we have instilled within ourselves in the past. 

Today, we as a community must continue to saying yes to life! You may be taking risks because you are unaware what the future looks like but that is part of life. Not knowing.  If you had known what the future has in store for you, what lessions are you learning, how are you evolving as an individual, and discovering your visions, beliefs, missions, talents in life.

There will be days where blockages such as fear, failure, emotions and opinions of those around you will encourage you to not show up in life during these times. There is nothing wrong in taking time for yourself and understanding the changes that are occuring around us but it is as important to move forward and take or move towards the opportunities that life has in store for us.

Turn to those who will support you, services/programs that our available in our community or tools (books, music, religion, mediation, therapy, dancing, walks, etc.) which can remind that today's negative mindset should not prevent you from moving forward to all things that are waiting for you in life. 

What are you waiting for?

Start painting, doing cartwheels, going for those walks, designing that webpage, going back to school, start that family, say yes to him or her, eat that delicious piece of resilient, expand and grow - do this one day at a time. Cheers!


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Prasalni N
Public Policy
Tamil Canadienne who seeks to indulge in the simplicity of life through writing, art, y...
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