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Rest in Power Tharshika Jeganathan
The members of the ISEE INITIATIVE (ISEEI), an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to domestic violence, are deeply saddened by the loss of Tharshika Jeganathan (“Tharshika”), a 27-year-old Tamil woman in Scarborough, who was murdered by her ex-husband on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.
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We hereby extend our deepest condolences to Tharshika’s family and friends, and we stand in solidarity with them. Our community condemns violence and we hereby wish to reassert our intolerance for such cruel behaviour and actions.

At this time, we feel the need to note that as a community, we should be conscious of how our words and deeds can impact the family and friends of Tharshika as they grieve the loss of a loving daughter, sister and dear friend. Our community has lost a young woman to domestic violence, who was determined to build a better life for herself. While we mourn her loss, we need to celebrate her courage and her strength. In her memory, we need to stand together as allies and take action in order to make it safer for our families and friends in our city.

It is disheartening to learn that Tharshika is the 45th homicide that has taken place in the city this year (Passifiume, 2019). Her loss stresses the imminent need of creating awareness about interpersonal violence and abuse in various communities.

Interpersonal Violence (also known as intimate partner violence or domestic violence) is “a pattern of behaviour used to establish power and control over another person [typically a partner, spouse, child, or family member] through fear and intimidation” (Boston University, u.d).

Anyone can be a victim of interpersonal violence regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation and economic background (BU, u.d). Interpersonal violence is often only associated with physical violence, yet it can also include but is not limited to emotional abuse, sexual abuse, economic abuse, threatening and stalking behaviours (BU, u.d). 

Interpersonal violence is often caused by the interplay of many factors, including conservatively defined gender roles and misogyny. It is important to understand how these socially constructed ideologies contribute to domestic violence.

Today, we ask that you help share this message to create awareness about domestic violence and support our efforts in remembering Tharshika Jeganathan. Although domestic violence is not specific to the Tamil Community, we acknowledge that this loss is one too many and see the need for immediate action.

ISEEI invites community members to visit the link for the GoFundMe page that has been set up in memory of Tharshika. The community collective that has come together for this initiative encourages everyone to partake in the fundraising efforts set up to ensure that Tharshika safely reaches her family in Sri Lanka where her last rites will take place.

Thank you from ISEE INITIATIVE

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