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The Path To My Passion - KSJ Pictures

I started to build my inspiration for photography and cinematography by telling stories through a visual medium during my high school years.

I expressed my world by writing at first.  But then slowly, I followed my passion exclusively along an artistic path. During recess and lunch breaks in high school, my friends and I would start to shoot music videos and I would make them lip sing to the songs. I  strongly feel like I always had a knack for creating art.

Right after I completed high school, my father bought a Canon T3I as my first camera. From that point forward, my interests evolved to include wedding cinematography and photography. I began my career by volunteering for free as an assistant, and honed my craft by working closely with my mentors. I would wake up at 5am for weddings, without pay, to learn and experience the wedding scene. As time went by, I started getting exposure and this is how I was finally able to become a contender in the wedding scene.

My future goals are to express my creativity and visual arts through the lens of a camera and to tell the stories of couples in an artistic way. I am often asked the same question: What advice would I give others who want to take that leap to start something of their own?  My answer is always simple and direct - Be positive and PRACTICE your art!


Siva The zombie walk_V4A9954 [embed]https://vimeo.com/236362850[/embed]

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