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Access Free Mental Well-Being Consultation In English & Tamil During Covid-19
I am Dr Juliet Anton, a registered NHS Psychologist coming from a British Sri Lankan Tamil background. This is my fifth year working within the mental health field and with the current Covid19 pandemic, I felt it was important to offer my support and expertise to our wider community.
Juliet Anton
United Kingdom
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I am currently offering a 30-minute free mental well-being consultation worldwide for people who may want or need this service during these difficult times.

Amongst our fast-paced lifestyle where we could spend the majority of our hours at work, the Covid19 pandemic has brought a pause, if not a stand-still to our lifestyle. Change can be particularly difficult for humans which means that this pandemic is no exception. For people who have mental health difficulties, this time could exacerbate their difficulties even further. Thus, we may need extra support not only to manage this change but also to manage the time that we could be spending contemplating our thoughts, emotions and past memories. My mental well-being consultation may offer a confidential space in which people could discuss these thoughts, emotions and past memories.

People’s presenting concerns have ranged from:

·      depression

·      anxiety

·      relationship issues

·      career advice

·      low self-esteem/ confidence issues

·      panic attacks

·      redundancy due to Covid19

·      nightmares

·      parenting

·      postnatal depression

·      health anxiety

I offer support through identifying ways of managing the client’s issue(s) and/or signposting them to services that could offer them further support. 

I have offered just over 100 consultations with clients ranging from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, UAE, India, Malaysia and Australia. Consultations have been offered in both English and Tamil. People have contacted me so far through my Instagram, email and website. This service is open to anyone who may want or need this support.

If you would like this support, please get in touch directy via my TC account (using the Connect/Message button) or one of the following:


Insta handle: @drjulietanton

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Juliet Anton
Psychologist | NHS
United Kingdom
I am Dr Juliet Anton, a registered NHS Psychologist coming from a British Sri Lankan Ta...
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