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Finding Tamil Love in a Busy, Digital Age

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Gone are the days when a groom comes to your house, and you offer tea while wearing a saree and jasmine flowers - and that's the first time you lay eyes on each other. I mean, was that even a real thing in modern times or just an act for the movies?

Yes, Tinder is great and you can meet people nearby and from various backgrounds.  But, what do you do if you want to find someone who’s Tamil? Are you going to continue swiping on Tinder until you come across that one in hundreds of thousands who is actually of Tamil descent?  (MTD) is an amazing platform for those wanting something a bit more convenient and intriguing than Tinder. is a great way to meet Tamils from around the world - and we literally mean around the world.  Our experience on it (even though we were a bit of a private user) was quite interesting. We came across literally so many people Tamil people from around the world - and found it easy to filter through profiles. Whether you are looking for friends, or a place to start a relationship - it couldn't have been easier than communicating through It’s really easy to sign up, set up a profile and browse through profiles at your own pace.  

Please note that while it’s free to join and set up a profile, you do have to be a paying member to have full access to all the platform’s features. This helps operate their platform, since they’re completely ad-free, which gives a much better user experience. We were skeptical at first not knowing how many users would be on MTD, but were quite shocked to see all the profiles. Sometimes, in our busy lives, we get caught up with the obligations of work, school, family - and many other responsibilities. It’s easy to forget about ourselves and our needs. MTD is a convenient tool for those who find themselves in a place where they are having trouble meeting people in their day-to-day to lives. Even if this doesn't fit your situation, you will still find some value in signing up and getting to know someone through the online world. also recently went through a major make-over. The new features are now easier to access and the site is much more user-friendly.

As a token of appreciation for our single readers, we would like to offer a promo code (“TIETHETHALI18”) which gives you 50% off a 1-month membership.  But you’ll need to hurry as it’s only valid until Oct. 5th, 2018!  

Do people actually get married from meeting on MTD? Yup! Here’s a couple we featured on our Wedding Highlights section earlier this year: .

Online Dating & Safety Tips: Move at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Don’t be shy about making the first move. Respect boundaries and if someone isn’t respecting yours, block/report them to the admins. And of course, have fun and be open to new possibilities!

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