Date Night Ideas To Take Your Honey Or Save You Money!
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Have you ever been stumped on where you should take your honey for date night? Do you want to spice up your date life without having to go to the movies? Tired of re-enacting scenes from the Notebook where you repeatedly ask where your partner wants to eat, only to have them reply with the typical “I don’t know, whatever you want”? Well, look no further.  I have the perfect hotspots for you and your date!


My name is Pirasha Siva, but you can call me your date guru. I will be showing you budget worthy hidden gems around the GTA, to either take your honey or save your money.

'Take Your Honey' all started when my honey and I were bored of going to the movies.  Quite frankly, I became tired of hearing “I don’t know” as a reply to "What do you want to do?”. Together, we changed that “I don’t know”, to “Honey do I have the place for you”! Prior to Take Your Honey, my partner and I were already going on dates and vlogging about it on our snap chats. We would constantly receive messages asking us where we went on our latest date.  This sparked our idea to create an online book through Instagram, where people can become inspired to start their own date adventures!


On date night, we scroll through my list of places to visit and serve that up as a review for everyone to see. After the date, I write a review and rate the place out of 10 based on ambiance, price, and food.  The hash tag #takeyourhoneyorsaveyourmoney makes the page more accessible, helping you get the most bang for your buck.


My honey and I believe that it is important to go on dates that are both fun and adventurous. It’s fun to push your limits to see if you can climb a wall, eat escargot together, or even order a dish in a different language.


My most memorable date experience was when we tried a tandem for the first time. A tandem is a two-person kayak used to kayak around Harbourfront and through the Toronto Islands. The anxious feeling started to form in my stomach when I sat in the tandem.  Something about being arms reach from the water, without having anything to secure you, gave me the heebie-jeebies.


After a few breaths in and a few breaths out, I looked behind me.  My honey gave me the same nervous expression. We both laughed it off awkwardly and began our adventure. It was difficult at first because you need to work together in order to get the tandem moving, but we did it. Once we edged near the Toronto Island, the most peaceful feeling of serenity took over us. We didn’t have to say much because the view took our breath away.


I have never felt anything more calming than being in that tandem. Seeing the rays of the sun gently in the distance, or the soft hum of other boats idling on the waters. It was definitely one date activity for the books!


It want others to feel moments like this as well. There is a moment of self-discovery when you push yourself beyond your limits. Even in the way your taste buds sing when you take the first bite of food from a new restaurant.


I’ll end off by saying don't hold back your passion. If you love to sing; then sing, if you love to cook, then keep making those amazing dishes. Don’t let the fear of failing hold you back from following your dreams. Take it from me, because a few months ago I would never have expected to make my childhood dream of publishing an article come true!


My future ideas for Take Your Honey is to change the way others view dating by making it less nerve-wracking.  At the same time, I want to push people out of their comfort zones! The purpose of Take Your Honey is to make date nights more accessible and easier for people to choose from.


You can follow more of my adventures on instagram @takeyourhoney.

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