An Intro to Tamil Numerology & Dating
Meet your myTamilDate numerologist Narthana! This post is all about #1.
Narthana Paskaran
London, United Kingdom
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Numerology has a long history in Tamil culture and is widely practiced and is often used to help people make important decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Our community uses numerology to determine auspicious dates and times for important events such as weddings, business ventures, and other ceremonies. It is also used to choose names for newborn babies, with the belief that certain numbers and combinations of numbers can bring good fortune and success.

Tamil numerology uses a different system than Western numerology and assigns different meanings to each number. Overall, numerology has a rich and vibrant history in the Tamil community and continues to be an important part of Tamil people's lifestyle, especially when it comes to things like finding a life partner. 

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A quick intro:

All about #1!


Narthana Paskaran
Influencer | myTamilDate
London,  United Kingdom
A full time Project Engineer and your fave numerologist for myTamilDate😉
A full time Project Engineer and your fave numerologist for myTamilDate😉
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