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A New Approach to a Failed Resolution
I never once thought I would give any importance to working out or any thought to eating healthy. Well, life sure did change!  I would always eat anything & everything my taste buds desired. Unfortunately these carefree days have long gone, after gaining weight in the wrong places and feeling unhealthy, I decided to actually try out what this gym life was all about.
Tamil Health Association
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A Step by Step Process For as long as I can remember, being physically active has always been on my list of resolutions. However, my previous failed attempts did not stop me in 2014. This time it was different. I put a clause to my goal: to go to the gym at least three times a week whether it be rain, shine, or bone-chilling Saskatoon temperatures – no excuses!

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“Growing up I always had a fast metabolism. I never had to worry about gaining weight”


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Tamil Health Association
Not-for-profit organization
The Tamil Health Association (THA) is a not-for-profit initiative based in the Greater ...
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