Thad Deus: Barber, Designer, Fashion Stylist and More

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Meet Thad, a versatile barber from Montreal with a soul for fashion and an entrepreneur in the making!

Raised in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Thad started cutting hair at the age of 15 for his friends and teammates. Thad began his career at Imperial Hair Design in Mississauga after being referred there by his brother. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at York University, Thad continued his passion for cutting hair, although his parents wanted him to pursue a different career path. As it was his passion, Thad committed to following through with cutting hair even against his parents wishes.

Upon graduation, Thad pursued an opportunity at the upscale retail chain Harry Rosen. As a creative individual, it was evident that he needed to do more with his hands and could not be a 9 to 5 office geek.

Thad made the move to Montreal in October 2014, where his passion for fashion and cutting hair merged resulting in numerous opportunities. He joined Notorious, owned by Chromeo and Vintage Frames, also one of the most popular barber shops in North America. Known as the official barbers of the Montreal Canadiens, Notorious takes care of numerous celebrities when they come to Montreal. 

While working at Notorious, Thad went above and beyond with his craft and started to work with people all over North America. Over the years, Thad has cut the hair of hundreds of people, including celebrities Big Sean, Roy Jones Jr., Big Krit, Lil Bibby, J. Cole and several baseball players from the Toronto Blue Jays. He also teamed up with OVO Bounce to be the official barbers alongside Drake’s barber. One of the highlights of Thad’s career was a hair tattoo he created of singer Chris Brown’s art pieces. Chris Brown himself gave a shout out and reposted Thad’s work on his social media page.

Thad has always had a knack for fashion and the importance of looking your best wherever you go. His intention is to run a business while at the same time-sharing with the world what he appreciates in life and giving back to the community. Thad’s clothing line is set to launch later this year. Both Thad and his friend Karen will be creating each piece in Montreal.

At the moment, Thad is working with as a writer for their men’s grooming articles. Thad’s debut article received a lot of attention, surpassing older articles with the number of page views and shares. Currently, Thad is working on branding and will be soon selling his own merchandise. At the same time, he shows his everyday style with his outfits which are blogged on Finding Everland and IG.

TC: Why the name Thad.Deus?
Thad: The name Thadshanna shortened to Thad means “courageous heart”, a childhood name with a Greek epic meaning.

TC: What are your inspirations?
Thad: My family is a big inspiration to me. They’ve support me no matter what. Dad has always showed me to work hard and always motivated me to do the best at whatever I do in life. I do believe in God. Even with dealing with low points in life, I learned to look up and start anew. Everyday is a new beginning to reach your goals. My colleagues at Notorious have always inspired me day to day and have pushed me to be better. The creativity that I am surrounded by in Montreal is a great inspiration.

TC: Tell us more about Finding Everland.
Thad: It began as a Tumblr page 2 years ago, and was a way to share my inspirations for fashion. I reposted anything I liked. I always liked scenery and just looking at beautiful photos, and this account covers anything from art to fashion to scenery. Finding Everland means something different to everyone but with the one feeling that is: Everlasting.

TC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Thad: I see myself owning barber shops as well as being an entrepreneur. I also see myself as an artist, owning businesses that have a creative flow in it. I see myself eventually with my own clothing line, and I want to be involved with making the clothes rather than just being the owner.

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