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Since his debut, back in 2006, with Harris Jayaraj’s Manjal Veyyil (Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu), Krish has sung on many film soundtracks and has grown to become a popular name in the field of playback singing, in India and beyond. Wanting to share more of his music with the world, he started working on a full-length album titled “Forever in Love”. In an exclusive interview, Krish gave us a preview of what we can expect from his new album. Check out Manjal Veyyil, and our interview below!

TamilCulture: Please tell us about your album.
Krish: This album is completely arranged in western melody. They are very romantic, slow songs. I always wanted to make a clean, soft album, so finally I did this. I’m happy about the way all the songs came out.

TC: Up til now you’ve primarily sung on film soundtracks—what made you decide to release a full-length album of your own?
K: I’ve been singing only on film soundtracks, but this time I decided to do something of my own. This will be my own identity.

TC: What can your fans expect to hear on this album?
K: My fans can expect, and feel, clean, romantic songs. It is different from the other songs I’ve sung because my voice and style were not restricted.

TC: Will “Forever in Love” feature any collaborations?
K: It’s purely my own solo album, but great legends have worked on it. Grammy winner Sam Wheat and Tim mixed and mastered my album in London. I have also worked with few Western musicians.

TC: After debuting as a lyricist on the “Kanden” soundtrack, did you write any lyrics for your album?
K: I wrote just one song on my album. All other songs were penned by the great Gangai Amaren.

TC: Who composed the music for the album?
K: Mr. Vijay Ebenezer who composed for both “Kanden” and “Masala Cafe”.

TC: Have any artists inspired or influenced the songs on this album?
K: I’ve always admired two people in my life, for their talents: Elvis Presley and Marc Anthony.

TC: When can your fans expect the release of your album?
K: The product is completely ready. The release date might be the end of May and it will be on iTunes as well.

Until then, check out the teaser for the title song of Krish’s “Forever in Love” and let us know what you think!

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—Shiromi Raveend
—Image courtesy of Tunes Inn

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  1. Just a small correction guys, Manjal Veyil from Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu was sung by Hariharan and background vocals were by Nakul and Vijay.Krish was nowhere near the original song. 🙂

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