How Toronto Artists Dee Devan and Bearsnowls Came To Collaborate In Chennai


Meet Bearsnowls and Deepika Mahadevan. These two artists combine their third culture upbringing as Indo-Canadian artists by pursuing independent music careers in the west, as well as in Tamil and Indian cinema.

Bearsnowls and Deepika, who goes by ‘Dee Devan’, are both artists born in Tamilnadu and brought up in Canada. Despite living in Toronto most of their lives, they met for the first time during their stays in Chennai as students of music and while pursuing solo music careers in the Indian movie industry.

The meeting resulted in ‘Parallel’, a futurebass song, which has since been released by an independent record label in the U.S. – Bonfire Records and is available via Spotify, Apple Music and more.

“Bearsnowls approached me with a track he had written the same morning, asking if I was interested in the sound. I loved it from first listen and began to lay down melodies on the spot. Through some back and forth and an understanding of what we felt the song should stand for, we came up with what is now the track called Parallel” – Dee Devan

Parallel is a future bass track produced by Bearsnowls, with lyrics and vocals courtesy Dee Devan. In its most basic form, Parallel is a song about lust and attraction magnified in a psychedelic or intoxicated setting.

However, the song’s content also takes on another deeper less explicit meaning – a budding romance between two people that leaves them inebriated in desire for each other, so much so that they feel like they could create an entirely new dimension of their own when together.

Dee Devan

Dee Devan is a singer-songwriter who has been one of the lead singers in the North American band AGNI for over 7 years. She is inspired by RnB and Soul artists like Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Mariah Carey and many more. She also finds inspiration in recently emerging acts like Banks, Leo Kalyan, Troye Sivan and London Grammar.

Dee Devan studied Chemical Engineering and worked as an Environmental Engineering Consultant for 6 years before she made the leap into a world of music and art. In addition to her now solo music career, she also recently recorded her first singles for the Indian film industry.

Today she dabbles in many genres of music with a particular fascination in electronic and fusion forms. And her forthcoming work includes a solo track for famed music director D. Imman in the Prabhu Deva production film – Vinodhan.


Bearsnowls is a music producer who likes to explore all genres of music and collaborate with artists from around the world. He strives to ensure that every one of his new songs represents something completely different from his last.

He has worked with the likes of Hartry and FTRSL, most notably providing production on FTRSL’s 2016 single ‘Heartbreak’ which has over 23.7k listens on SoundCloud.

Bearnowls is currently in Chennai pursuing further education at A.R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory and has made contact with some notable music directors in Kollywood.

Keep an eye out for these artists – Bearsnowls and Dee Devan have more collaborative projects in the works!


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