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Hey TC readers, I’m back with a new review. I just saw a film that questions my love for Tamil cinema.

When it comes to Tamil cinema, there are a lot of great things about it from its music to its stars. But once in a while, you run into a film that destroys that perspective.

The film is Boologam starring Jayam Ravi, Trisha, Nathan Jones and the great Prakash Raj. Yes, I know the film was released in 2015 but I need to talk about this.

The Good. There is very little good in this film, but the actors give their all to the film. Jayam Ravi as the lead is good as always. He isn’t that versatile of an actor, but he always gets the job done. Trisha, along with the other actors in the film, do their best with what they have. That’s pretty much it

The Bad. The action is horrible – just horrible. As a fan of boxing and MMA, it was an insult to me and any fan of the sport. It is overdramatic and completely out of this world. There is a scene in the film where Jayam Ravi fights a bunch of hooligans in an outdoor arena. That scene alone made me want to walk out. The music is just bad from opening song number to its last, but there is something about the music I will explain further in the ugly.

The Ugly. Where to begin? Oh yes, the music. The guy who did the music – I will not call him a composer. A composer composes his/her own music. This person ripped off music from some great films like Braveheart which made me literally cringe.

The direction – was there any? It is horribly directed, the shots are horribly composed, and the way it is paced is idiotic to say the least. The cinematography is a joke; the tone from scene to scene does not even match, and the shot placement and lighting are inconsistent.

The story and script is horrendous – there is no continuity and nothing makes sense. The stories intentions were amicable but it failed to be what it wanted, jumping from tone to tone with a floppy narrative.

Overall, this is a poor representation of Tamil cinema. From its director to its pitiful excuse for a composer, it is a complete joke. The stars are not to blame they are given garbage to work with. It is an unfortunate waste of time. I would not recommend this film to anyone.

I give this film 0.5/5.

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