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Visions Global Empowerment
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Visions Global Empowerment (“Visions”) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, CA that aims to change patterns of inequality by supporting educational initiatives for youth affected by conflict, poverty, and disability. We envision a world where all people have access to quality education, feel empowered, and are capable of participating as leaders in today’s society.

Visions currently serves communities in the following countries:
1. Sri Lanka (Northern & Eastern Provinces; since 2003)
2. India (states of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya
Pradesh, & Uttarakhand; since 2008)
3. Ethiopia (Amhara Region & Addis Ababa; since 2012)
4. Nicaragua (Matagalpa District; since 2017)

Worldwide, millions of children face immense daily hardships that prevent them from accessing a quality education or preparing themselves for a meaningful, educated, and independent life. Since 2003, we have labored to create educational and personal development opportunities that serve community needs and enable youth to improve themselves and their wellbeing.

Since 2003, over 200 volunteers from countries all over the world – including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Switzerland, Zambia, Singapore, Qatar, Russia, and India – have participated in service-learning experiences that are meaningful to both the volunteer and the communities with which they work. International volunteers have been joined locally by more than 200 volunteers from the host countries where we work – Sri Lanka, India, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua – to carry out a variety of service activities.

At Visions, we emphasize not just “service,” but also “learning.” These are the 2 critical components that define the type of experience you will have if you decide to join us abroad. While we each have knowledge and experience to share with our friends abroad, there is also much to learn from our peers. Our service-learning trips are driven by the idea that we are all equal and that we can help achieve development objectives best when we work together as allies & partners.

We would love for your to join our mission. Please reach out to learn more about volunteer opportunities and our programs at
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