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Thaksan Sothinathan
Performance Germany
Thaksan is a RWTH Aachen Master student in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, with time spent abroad working in Thailand, studying at IIT Madras, India and currently conducting his master thesis at the University of Cambridge in the field of AI and Intellectual Property.

/-/-/ After completion of his studies he will start his professional career in management consulting with McKinsey & Company.
Besides, Thaksan will strengthen his contribution to societal development as a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum in the Düsseldorf Hub.

/-/-/ He is passionate about Integration / Migration, Energy and the general field of Digital Transformation and (Business Model) Innovation.

/-/-/ Furthermore, he is a strong advocate of the Karma principle, thus believing the power of exchange, feedback and mentoring.

/-/-/ Thaksan defines himself as a “Tamil Sauerländer”: His parents originally came from North-Sri Lanka; he was born and raised in the Sauerland in Germany and he is happy to live and thrive in both cultures.
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