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Saranya Devan
Art South Africa
Passionate about bringing the beauty and art of dance, drama and performance to underserved populations, my credentials include dancing in various solo and group productions, directing drama and productions as well as studying dance and drama at university level.
I have an exceptional ability to work with students and get them hooked on dance and performance. I am told I have a friendly public face, genuine enthusiasm for bringing a love of dance and performing arts to the masses and the ability to be an independent dancer and good team player. I will practise a role until it is perfect.
I have had a keen interest in Drama and Performance Studies since high school. Hence, I studied drama and performance studies at university.
Being an aspirant Bharatha Natyam dancer, my interest in Indian classical dance got me to expand my knowledge by experimenting with contemporary dance fused with Bharatha Natyam dance.
I have pursued a Master’s degree in Drama specializing in Dance at the University of Cape Town whilst concurrently completing a Masters in Bharatha Natyam at the University of Madras, India.
I am passionate about seeking out new voices, fresh ideas and innovative ways to tell stories. I like to stay on the cutting edge of visual storytelling. I and am not afraid to transcend boundaries. I enjoy operating on a high level of creativity and innovation and keeping abreast of the demands, trends and patterns of the drama and performance environment both locally and globally.
I enjoy writing and directing, mostly for theatre. As a researcher, I am interested in the field of Pedagogy and its relation to culture. I plan to study towards a PhD in 2022.
I have an interest in teaching many dance and theatre practices such as Directing, Performance Studies, Applied Drama and Theatre (especially Theatre for Development & Theatre of the Oppressed), South African theatre, genealogies of South African practice and Dance in Education. In 2019, I founded my KwaZulu-Natal-based theatre production company Nandikar Arts which aims to produce stimulating, thought-provoking and cutting-edge works,
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