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Pakatheesan Yogarajah
Greenwind Electrical Services Inc. CEO Canada
I came to Canada in 1992 worked in a company as a Paint Technician. I had very strong interest in Electrical had an opportunity to move to Maintanace Department in same company. Worked for 20 years. During this time I opened Sol Proprietorship Company and worked Electrical work on my after hours time. During this time I was studying to obtain my Industrial Electrician Licence. I received Industrial license in 2001 followed by Construction and Maintenance license in 2005 and 2009 obtain my Master Electrician license. In 2010 I received an offer to incorporate my Sole Proprietorship with Greenwind and worked as Chief Electrician; one man company did all aspects of Electrical and Mechanical work. After years of experiences in 2014 Greenwind was separated and I was Managing Director for Greenwind Electrical with 5 workers. With our experiences we were having businesses renovating Hotels and Condominium. As time passed we were expanding our business to Commercial and Residential. Company grew to 10 workers and new build of Banks and Commercial units. In 2016 I bought out Greenwind Electrical Services Inc. and offered Industrial, Commercial and Residential work with 40 workers where I became CEO for Greenwind.
Today where I’m is with all my hard work and still working hard to grow more.
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