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Muraly Srinarayanathas
Entrepreneurship Canada
Muraly Srinarayanathas is a successful business professional committed to creating positive impact within his community. With over 20 years experience in international business and leadership, Muraly possesses a unique global perspective and the ability to bring diverse groups of people together behind a common goal.

As Chief Strategy Officer of Computek College, Muraly implements and communicates strategic plans that serve to strengthen student and staff satisfaction, while simultaneously increasing the company’s economic growth and community outreach. A testament to the success of his approach, Computek recently celebrated a landmark anniversary, having now provided quality education in health, business, and technology for 25 years.

Muraly has lived and worked in countries including India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, England and Canada, and as such, he has developed a keen understanding of global business affairs. He completed his BA from the University of Manitoba, his MBA in Bangladesh, studied Digital Strategy at Harvard Business School, and is currently completing a Global Professional Masters of Law GPLLM at the University of Toronto. Notably, Muraly has worked closely with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Mohammad Yunus, promoting the concept of Social Business on a global scale. His own social business, Panther Social, worked to promote self-sustainable business projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh, creating business and growth opportunities for individuals to overcome poverty and positively impact their communities.

Muraly firmly believes in civic responsibility, public service, and the promotion of Canadian multiculturalism. Having recently become a father, Muraly hopes to build a strong future for his family and community; one where young Canadians (and new Canadians) can fulfill their goals and dreams together.
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