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Ganesh Thava
Film & TV Canada
Ganesh is a Tamil-Canadian actor, writer and producer. With a degree in marketing, he leverages his business acumen to support his artistic career. Writing from a place of truth, he takes mundane everyday stories like family feuds or love affairs and shows them from underrepresented perspectives. As the first-generation son of immigrants, he has always been fascinated with how humanity copes with change and adversity. He especially enjoys exploring these experiences at the intersection of various identities, such as race, socio-economic status and sexuality. As a creator, his goal is always to create rich, exciting, challenging spaces for diverse voices to express their most profound, most complex truths.

His play, KOLI KARI, is currently being developed with the support of an OAC grant. His feature film, MAN ABROAD, is being produced through a CCA grant. He is also working on an original TYA musical, THE ACCOUNTANT. To learn more about his projects, visit
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