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Archana Maheswaran
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Hello to everyone out there!

My name is Archana Maheswaran and I am an recent graduate from York University. I was part of Social Media over 10 years, I have been doing and done modeling, acting, hosting. I was an artist for the Tamil One television show called “Ithuthanda Imsai”. I am a very social person, love to event coordinate, politics and a certificated Make up artist in the name of “BeautybyArchana”. I have worked for Service Ontario for years and very glad I have done Sociology. Life throws many obstacles but you got to get up and make all your dreams come true. As standing in the society and a feminist, which people say, it’s crazy but I take it in the positive way! Love, care is not the only job but for females dreams and only dreams. Definitely will showcase my talent here!! Thank you!
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