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Abhi Krish
EliPuli Founder Singapore
My son was 2 when I realised he was deeply interested in exploring English picture books with me but not as much in Tamil. Even at that young age, he was able to sense the disparity in themes, characters and quality of print. That disparity had a visible impact on how fast, and smooth, his learning journey was for English and how far behind he lagged for Tamil. I wanted to do something to make Tamil fun and interesting for him through stories and songs, and that's where the idea for EliPuli was born.

I first started toying with the idea in April 2018. At that time I was steeping in post-partum depression and then became pregnant with my third child which worsened by symptoms. I was finding it hard to cope but was hesitant to take medication while pregnant. A doctor suggested I channel my energy towards something creative and that helped me take the step towards launching EliPuli in December that year. I haven't looked back since. EliPuli still functions very much as a blog, dependent on bits of time I have available as a full-time mother but it continues to give me great fulfillment. Parents and teachers reach out with positive stories and feedback about how the resources have been bringing joy to their kids at home and nothing could make me happier.
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