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Women’s Ontario Tamil Sports League (WOTSL)

This is the year that truly shows how a group of women can come together to begin something new in the Tamil community. After #WhatsHerStory, this is also a great initiative!

This is the year that truly shows how a group of women can come together to begin something new in the Tamil community. After #WhatsHerStory, this is also a great initiative!

The Women’s Ontario Tamil Sports League (WOTSL) is a new and exciting opportunity for women 16 and over across the GTA to participate in collaborative sports. There has been a major rise in health and fitness demands made by women. WOTSL is a solution to provide members with a competitive and fun environment to play sports at a recreational level. It is built on the ideas of professionalism, camaraderie and hard work. These characteristics are reflected in the executive team who also bring years of experience.

For the 2015-2016 season the two sports will be volleyball and basketball. All women are welcome to join regardless of ethnic background.

Draft day is this Saturday November 14, and the league still has some vacancies for those interested in joining an all women’s sports league.

WOTSL was designed to provide women with a platform to flourish athletically and socially. Many of the executives and members have complained about the negative experiences and stigmas associated with women in sports. The goal is to eliminate these barriers. The vision is to create a professional league - including referees, custom jerseys, statistics and regulations - that will aid in the growth and development of athletic skillsets.

WOTSL's marketing, accounting and software development is lead by executives with years of industry experience. WOTSL executives bring a mix of technical and creative skills combined with a passion to give back to the community. This association will also provide a social outlet for women, resulting in an environment where they can network and learn from one another.


For those interested in sponsoring WOTSL, this league is a great way to promote yourself in the emerging trend of women successes in male dominated fields. On the day of the official Facebook page launch, the WOTSL page reached over 130 followers. Within a few days of Facebook marketing, there were over 120 women interested in joining the league.

This is a great opportunity for anyone to be part of an exciting, scalable and truly empowering association for women. WOTSL will help anyone position themselves with both the Tamil and women demographics in the GTA.

If you are interested in sponsoring WOTSL for the 2015-2016 League please contact info@wotsl.ca.

For registration information: goo.gl/forms/sXiSiqYWbe Event details: www.facebook.com/events/1084044971615150/

TamilCulture is happy to help partake in WOTSL’s first steps toward making history.

WOTSL's Facebook page WOTSL's Twitter page WOTSL's Instagram page

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