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Innovation Ecosystem North East Sri Lanka
Entrepreneurship Canada
Founded in 2017 by a group of academics with a common goal, the Innovation Ecosystem North East Sri Lanka project was kicked off as a result of the founders’ firm resolve in influencing the current state of affairs in Sri Lanka. Our goal is to empower great minds locally, to ultimately benefit the local, and global environment with entrepreneurial ideas.Having first hand experience with many talented individuals in Sri Lanka, it is our belief that the best way to bring about positive change country, is by investing in its’ innovators. In an effort to position ourselves to be effective, the areas which we are currently targeting are economics, healthcare, agriculture, and Information Technology.

We are strong advocates of building people, so that they will be able to build others around them, ultimately having a national, and hopefully global impact. Boasting a multi-national support system, our passionate team of organizers are located throughout Canada, USA, and Sri Lanka.

We count on our sponsors, partners, and individuals who share our vision, to support us through furthering the launch and implementation of our project! Our plan is to apply ourselves as soon as possible in working with our local agents, to to have a functioning program with all of the required facilities.
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