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Gunalan Subramaniam
Healthcare India
I am living in Salem,tamilnadu,age of 50,past 6 years ,I am supporting my Guruji and develop the our Adma muthra training class and Sri Admalingeswar temple,Valaisiyur,Salem,Tamilnadu.


Dear Sir/Madam,

My Guruji Mr.Panchamurthy Rajendren is Expert and reserch past 22years for Our temple' gods and supporting statues ,they are all are health releated positions, to call ' Muthra '.

From there, Reserch past 22 years and I'm plenty lot of his friends , relatetives and local people's, they are happy and successful our Adma muthra training, based to form this Adma muthra trust and Sri Admalingeswar temple,
This training support of improve and solve ,to all our body, mental ,

We are giving basic training for 7 days only,

Trainer: GURUJI PANJAMURTHY RAJENDRAN (Reaserch in past 22 years in Temple Muthra.)

1.BASIC Excerise,
4.BREATHING Excerise

At the end of excerise, you will be provided with different kinds of Fruit and vegetables @7.30 am.

Benefits of Adma Muthra class.

*To improve your Beauty, longevity, health, energy and happiness.

Adma Muthra helps,

*To cure sugar,bp,cholesterol,
headache, mental depression, heart disease, gas troubles, asthma, sinners, weight loss and weight gain.

*Fruit fast cleanse your body (one time fruit diet) in a day will give you surprising change.
(*No smuell in uriene and motion,)

Note: This training only able to give separate separate exercise in our body in parts,lever, kidney,heart,brain and extra...

• Please contact

S.Gunalan ,Mobile No :9367445517,
Aathma Muthra class organiser, Salem.